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Ductless systems from Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric.

Shared knowledge leads to better solutions. Now you can get the ductless and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology you want, paired with the building expertise, service and support you expect from Trane.

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Ductless. Matchless. Doubtless. Painless. Boundless.
Full of potential.

Ductless systems deliver outstanding energy efficiency and precise comfort controls for any commercial application. Ideal for both modern and older structures of all shapes, sizes and uses, Trane®/Mitsubishi Electric ductless solutions allow you to:

Deliver complete zone control to heat and cool precisely where it is needed

Accommodate high ceilings and other modern architecture elements

Eliminate costly modifications and duct installation in older buildings

Create an ideal environment for tenants and cost-efficiencies for customers

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From specification through installation and service, Trane offers more than products. You get our expertise and support to ensure your ductless and VRF systems deliver outstanding results. Because while the right technology matters, it’s just the beginning.

The expertise you demand starts with the training you trust.

Our training centers across the United States educate contractors and technicians on our ductless and VRF systems. So everyone who touches your project will have the expertise to make your vision a reality.

Ductless and VRF systems:
There’s one for your next project.

With three series to choose from, you can get the advantages of ductless and VRF technology,
designed for the size, scope and specific needs of your building’s project.

N-Gen City-Multi Series Product Image

NEW N-Generation CITY MULTI® Series

VRF system for operational and design flexibility

Two-pipe system uses less space, with faster installation and lower costs than competing three-pipe systems

Next-gen heat exchanger, compressor and fan design deliver superior efficiency

Flash injection technology performs in the coldest conditions, with up to 78% heating capacity in outdoor temperatures as cold as -13°F

Four-sided heat exchanger offers a small footprint and greater application flexibility

Five airflow settings for ultraquiet operation

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NV Series Product Image

NEW Nv Series

Ductless system for maximum energy efficiency and quality control

Inverter-driven compressors that precisely cool or heat a specific area

Precise zone control to distribute heat or air conditioning only to spaces in use

Occupant comfort controls in each zone for temperature, fan speed and air direction

Pro Heat inverter heat pumps to deliver instant warmth in climates as cold as -13°F

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P Series Product Image

P Series

Ductless system for superior comfort, flexibility and reliability

Inverter-driven compressor with advanced sensor technology to precisely detect temperature changes

Quiet operation for a nondisruptive environment

Precise 1:1 outdoor to indoor connections for efficient zone management

Wireless and wireless remote controls for flexible, convenient accessibility

Ambient cooling down to -20°F

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